VTL – 2014 Highlights

“Its transient fidelity, dynamic power, enormous soundstage, and sheer grip are mesmerising.” “A visceral and emotional experience that is not soon forgotten.” The Absolute Sounds latest instalment on the Siegfried’s with the TL 7.5 Series iii pre-amp.they just can’t get enough of these extraordinary amplifiers.

MARCH 2014
Marc Michelson questions if the Siegfried’s aren’t the best amplifiers he has ever had the pleasure of his article in The Audio Beat he lays his musical heart bare. JULY 2014 Steve Harris has an all-new experience reviewing the brand new VTL S200 stereo power amplifier.

With its 200 watts of VTL style valve power as well as all the refinements & technology found in its more expensive siblings the S200 is an amplifier package to die for… Receiving the Editors Choice the S200 sets a bench mark for any amplifier to follow, valve or otherwise! “. It would be true to say that the VTL gave fresh insights to everything played… the S-200 offers endlessly absorbing, effortless musical enjoyment. Warmly recommended.”

Roy Gregory goes in depth, under the covers and right to the heart of what makes VTL’s MB 185’s & MB 450’s tick. Great amps, maybe just different customers? “. One or other of these amps might just be the pot of gold at the end of your own audio rainbow “