VTL – 2013 Highlights

Kog visit VTL’s factory to see the how, what and the where involved in making these masterful creations. Meeting the team at VTL puts a real sense of attention to detail and passion at the forefront of your mind. These people really care about the music and that relates in the products that they design and produce – extended respect!

The Absolute Sound – “The TL-7.5 has the ability seemingly to push more air into the soundstage and to capture delicate filigree in the treble. It provides a hugely expansive soundstage, which envelops the listener…. Again and again, I was impressed by the power and punch, the dynamics and speed of the VTL preamplifier. But most impressive of all was its ability to play the loudest and most complex passages without even a hint of compression…”

APRIL 2013
Roy Gregory declares the best just got better! He is talking about the new VTL TL7.5 series iii… “The Best just got Better” “. These electronics will deliver the warm, beating heart of a truly great system; for once, value really isn’t an issue.”

JUNE 2013
Audio Esoterica get to play with the MB 125 mono amplifiers. These EL34 based amplifiers have a wonderful sense of musical vitality that can be truly addiction. It’s actually, if you are music lover, not to fall in love the music making abilities these amplifiers produce. “…Not trying the MB-125s is totally at your peril because, in the world of the high-end, the VTL MB-125 little mono’s are one hell of a bargain.”

JULY 2013
VTL announces the forthcoming Siegfried II…the rumours of an updated version of these magnificent amplifiers (Siegfried) has been flying around for a little while now…well straight from the heart of the company news hits that they are super special and should be released in the coming month. We can’t wait!!

The Absolute Sound is so enamoured with the new Siegfried’s that they have given them the Golden Ear award for 2013!!

An extract from the review, tells the whole story: “The new Siegfried thus couples a majestic soundstage with a sumptuous level of finesse and bloom to offer a musical experience that lingers in the ear long after the notes themselves have faded away.”