VTL – 2012 Highlights

Alan Sircom reviews the small but perfectly formed IT-85 and is delighted by its sheer musical engagement. “ This is the kind of amplifier that you could live with for a very long time” high praise indeed in a world of here today gone tomorrow!

APRIL 2012
The Absolute Sound raises the roof with the latest incarnation of the TL 7.5, the 7.5 series iii.. “The TL-7.5’s majestic soundstage and dynamism are staggering…” What more can you say about this truly reference product!

JULY 2012
Ken Kessler gets to grips with a VTL combo that can boogie, rock and swing in equal measure. Amplifiers for all musical genre’s! “ What matters is the sheer silky naturalness of the sound, matched by the authority one demands of units costing far more. Robust yet refined, well-built – this is pure class.”

Hifi World gets its first taste of VTL luxury performance. The IT-85 instantly shows its true musical colours and wins an out right 5-globe status. “With a well recorded source, the VTL made me forget that I was listening to a hi-fi system at all.” It is one of the most ‘realistic’ integrated amplifiers on the market I feel and highly recommended.” NOV 2012 Audio Art sums up our thoughts and feelings on the new MB 185 mono block valve amplifiers – “What puzzles and delights me is the existence of that special handful of components that make transcendence almost commonplace, even with recordings that are the essence of commonplace.

Such components are not found often and the numbers that have done this in my audio lifetime would amount to a rather short list. The original TL-7.5 was one of them, and the TL-7.5 Series III Reference currently stands at the front of that very small pack.” DEC 2012 All the hard work put in by the team at VTL is rewarded with the recognition by The Absolute Sound Editors Choice Product of the year award. TL 7.5 Series iii wins hands down – The Absolute Sound Awards 2012 – TL-7.5 series III Pre-Amplifier “It’s transient fidelity, dynamic power, enormous soundstage and sheer grip are mesmerizing.”