The BEST relationships in the world work in True Harmony. True Balance, and of course - True Love

"These relationships apply to all aspects of our daily lives and help us to be the very best that we can be - in all that we do.
The stronger the relationship, the more exceptional and rewarding the results. Without a doubt I am very proud to say that Vitus Audio is a fine example of this philosophy." Hans-Ole Vitus

"What sets the Vitus Audio apart? First off… the bass control /transient speed and dynamic impact is the best I have encountered from a solid state amplifier. It is truly astounding, astonishing or just go ahead and make up a word that goes beyond these adjectives to describe the performance those 100 pure Class A watts provide. Every disc I played to evaluate the bass of these amps was transformed." Greg Petan – StereoTimes

"My listening sessions never lacked for anything, and I never wanted more. I always heard and enjoyed the music, not the electronics. I played everything I could get my hands on through the Vitus SM-010s, and they reproduced all of it beautifully. Could you ask for more? It’s one of the most complete, most natural-sounding amplifiers I have heard. I would like to own a pair!" Daniel Barnum - Soundstage

Vitus Audio is a truly unique high end audio company established and run by a family of incredibly talented engineers and passionate music lovers, who share a common goal - to bring you closer to your music and give you a lifetime of listening pleasure. Vitus Audio has built a reputation amongst discerning audiophiles who seek specialist Hi-Fi components that are aesthetically, functionally and sonically superior. Designed and handmade in Denmark by expert craftsmen, every Vitus Audio component incorporates a finely tuned 'emotion engine' that makes music come alive.

Here at Kog Audio we believe Vitus represents the best equipment the solid-state world has to offer - and this has much to do with the fact it doesn't sound solid-state. In fact, it sounds of almost nothing at all. The sheer naturalness and refinement, a complete lack of grain or artifice, is in our experience without peer or parallel. Vitus Audio does not let the sound of technology get between you and the music.

"We wanted to bring the magic of our products to a much wider audience, so we set about bringing the 'Reference Series' back to life. While more affordable, each product in this series is no less impressive in it's ability to deliver music so convincingly...

The Reference Series, was the first line introduced by Vitus Audio, back in 2003.
Even though the Reference Series represent our entry level products, they incorporate many specialist/custom parts. This has proven an expensive but necessary 'must' in order to keep our highly regarded musical performance - an area in which we refuse to compromise.

The goal ? - to set a new standard for sound quality at the price point. A bold, but for us, true statement."

"The Vitus Audio RI-100 is a scary good performer. Forget any references to “entry level” or “price points”. Those terms are only relative to Vitus’ own Signature and Masterpiece Series components, which frankly, exist on a much different level from most other companies’ components anyway." Dave Thomas –

"Our 'Signature Series' to this day continues to capture the very essence of music in ways that few others can. Stealing the hearts of many a reviewer and music lover alike, we are very proud to put our name to this series..."

The Signature Series has been the heart of the Vitus Audio range for some years now, initially led out by the renowned 'integrated' SS-010 and SS-101 amplifiers. The gargantuan 85kg SS-101 maintained it's 'statement product' status for 10 years, and the current SS-103 and SM-103 power amplifiers share the same iconic design.

The Signature range is often first experienced via the SIA-025; despite a power rating of 'only' 25 watts in pure Class A, this amplifier (like all Vitus amps) proves that not all watts are equal - few would wish for more power, a testament to the extreme measures taken to ensure the power supply can cope with any demand placed upon it. The performance of these products redefines how close to the live event you can get by listening to reproduced music.

"...every self-respecting audiophile should consider it an obligation to listen to one - if just for the hedonistic pleasure of bearing witness to the seductive musicality of one of the high end’s finest offerings." Neil Gader - The Absolute Sound

"Our greatest work to date, we think it is only fitting to call our new series, the 'Masterpiece Series'. It has been the most intensive development project we have ever undertaken and the discoveries we made have been nothing short of astounding. Now the very fortunate among you will be able to experience your music like never before! Each product in the Masterpiece Series is destined to become a true reference, a sought after classic and collectors piece in it's own right for many years to come.

The complexity of all the MP products has put our engineering team to the test, as the technology used in the Signature Series needed to be pushed to the extreme, to satisfy our expectations for the new Masterpiece Series.

To reach this level, we had to re-qualify all parts from component level and up. Further more, many new custom made parts were developed, pushing our subcontractors technology to the limit of "possible". All true balanced discrete gainstages in the Masterpiece line are based on shielded modules, which incorporates a very high level of integration. Each module is moulded with special damping material, which takes care of both mechanical resonances and stability in temperature. This gives optimal working conditions for the circuitry."

Vitus Audio"In essence, at Vitus Audio we are a family of incredibly talented individuals and passionate music lovers, who share the same common goal - to bring you closer to your music. In order to do this we look at the relationships between everything we do. How will one selected part work with another, what happens if we add more than one, how does the chassis effect the delicate signal, what happens if we twist a cable and so on.

After a long exhaustive, but interesting process, we create something that is far greater than the sum of its parts.
Each part on its own is the best of its type, but bring them together and you have at the very heart of each Vitus product, a finely tuned ‘emotion engine’. Our products form a tightly knit collection of specialist Hi-Fi components designed for your living space, which include:

Integrated Amplifiers, Linestages, Phonostages, Power Amplifiers, CD Players and Cables. Each will bring you closer to your music and give you a lifetime of listening pleasure. Every Vitus Audio piece is designed and handmade in Denmark by craftsmen who don’t compromise because... we believe that when it comes to listening to music, you should not compromise either.

The proof of course is always in the listening, so we suggest that you contact Kog Audio to arrange a demonstration.
Don’t forget to take along not just a selection of your favourite CD’s/Vinyl, but also some you haven't listened to recently. Why? Let’s just say you’ll understand the moment you start listening with a Vitus product or system.
Welcome to our family."

Hans-Ole Vitus