Updated Firmware Version 2.0

Melco units receive an updated firmware version 2.0 for USB compatibility & flexibility with other products.

Hi-Fi Choice reviews the N1A “if you are serious about streaming, this is one very fine one stop solution to get the very best out of your system”…. “With a performance boost over the competition”.

Hifi Critic’s Martin Colloms clamps his ears around this immense digital product! His thoughts “the N1Z is in many ways the best I have yet heard from digital audio replay” ..” so incredibly easy to set up and manage” and “ the quality of near infinitely distant backdrop on some recordings was particularly rewarding”

Jason Kennedy for “the Ear” reviews the N1A and cant help conclude its unmatched performance and ease of set-up with the following statement” the N1A ,what counts is the degree of realism that it can bring to Jeff Becks most recent recording of Good Bye Pork Pie Hat from “Brush with Blues”.. which is simply mind-boggling. Drop this at a proper level and you have Sir Jeff in the room playing for you, it doesn’t get much better” than this.