‘Without Compromise’


“No one is ever going to accuse TIDAL of making audio products for the masses. Their line, their entire line, is all about luxury. Top shelf luxury, at that.”

We could not say it any better. A TIDAL masterpiece is and always will be an exclusive pleasure built in restricted numbers because every small detail, every single part and every step involved in making a TIDAL is completely unique; their design and manufacturing exists in a world that is free from the bounds of cost optimization and budgetary limitations. ‘Without compromise’, has been the TIDAL premise for 17 years.

The most exclusive materials, technologies and manufacturing processes are seen in all TIDAL products, and we would like you to discover these with your own ears, hands and eyes. Nothing written on the printed page can really prepare you for the live experience of these products. The performance of a TIDAL system is like no other and knows only one competitor – reality. Welcome to TIDAL.

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Exquisite performance created without financial parameters. TIDAL AUDIO over the past 17 years has meticulously crafted a body of masterpieces; unique , beautiful and flawless .