New releases product information

Melco confirm delivery, of the long awaited Black finish on the N1A’s, at the end of May.

Martin Colloms reviews the Melco N1 Music Library, proclaiming it to be “one of the best Digital sources he has ever used”…

VTL announce the official release of the long awaited replacement for the TL 6.5 Pre-amplifier – the TL 6.5 Series ii. Shipments should see delivery in June – with customer orders taking priority. Building on the design details of the TL 7.5 the TL 6.5 should be a star performer & a bargain to boot.

Munich High End….its that time of year again! With new products coming from Stillpoints, Tellurium Q, Vitus, VTL and Spiral Groove – its an exciting time for us to see these new products and meet the dedicated people behind the scenes.

The best & most organised show in the world – Probably!