The Absolute Sound Awards 2012


TL-7.5 series III Pre-Amplifier – “It’s transient fidelity, dynamic power, enourmous sounstage and sheer grip are mesmerizing.”


Audio Art Taiwan – MB-185 series III

MB-185 series III Power-Amplifiers – “..After you listen to the MB-185 Series 3 Signature amplifier, you will not be thinking about a comparison between a solid state amplifier versus a tube amplifier. The reason is that the sound of this amplifier very simply shows you what live music is all about. There is no artifice, no individual sonic character that stands out. Whatever music you are listening to, the MB-185 will give you a faithful representation.”


HiFi World – IT-85 Integrated Amplifier

Five Globes Award

IT-85 Integrated Amplifier – “With a well recorded source, the VTL made me forget that I was listening to a hi-fi system at all.””It is one of the most ‘realistic’ integrated amplifiers on the market I feel and highly recommended.”


Hi-fi News – TL-5.5II Pre- and ST-150

hi-finews Editors Choice

TL-5.5II Pre- and ST-150 Power Amplifiers

“..this is indeed visceral sound. VTL has delivered a package that can segue seamlessly from the sweet harmonies of a doo-wop quintet to the in-your-face slam of power rock. “
“ What matters is the sheer silky naturalness of the sound, matched by the authority one demands of units costing far more. Robust yet refined, well-built – this is pure class.”


HiFi + Issue 88 – MB-450 SeriesIII

MB-450 SeriesIII Power Amplifiers – “Here is the pot of gold at the end of this particular rainbow – the high-powered valve amp that you can live with AND love.”