The Absolute Sound, Editor’s Choice 2014

Editors Choice Award 2014

Ultra SS, Ultra 5, ESS rack – “..the Ultra SS to his system took the sound quality up a big notch, increasing low-level resolution and helping the loudspeakers to more fully disappear into the soundstage. But it was Stillpoints ESS racks that made him realize what he’d been missing all these years.”


HiFi+ Issue 99 – The Stillpoints system

“If you are thinking that these are just audio accessories to stick under your CD player then you are really going to have to think again. Even a brief exposure to them will leave you in no doubt that the importance of equipment supports has been seriously undervalued for years.”


Multi Year Award Winner

TAS Group Awards

The Absolute Sound, September 2012 and December 2011 – Ultra SS, Ultra 5, ESS rack – ‘Golden Ear 2012, Editor’s Choice 2012 & 2013, Product of the Year 2011′ – “Frankly I’m a bit chagrined that I’ve been reviewing for 23 years and it took me this long to discover the benefits of no-holds-barred vibration-isolation technology. It’s a new trick that this old dog was pleased to learn.”