HiFi+ Issue 84 – Idea Loudspeaker

“..for those who crave a big image in a small room, I can’t think of a better design whatever the cost. The Idea lives up to its slightly odd name, because it’s one of the brightest ideas in high-end loudspeakery this year, and comes extremely highly recommended.” link


Positive Feedback – Model XA

“If these were the speakers that I had to live with for the rest of my life, I would be content… The Estelon XA speakers are quite remarkable.”


The Absolute Sound – SIA-025


SIA-025 Integrated Amplifier – “…every self-respecting audiophile should consider it an obligation to listen to one – if just for the hedonistic pleasure of bearing witness to the seductive musicality of one of the high end’s finest offerings.” “The SIA-025 is a superb component brimming with enough finely wrought performance skills to challenge all comers. ” “The Vitus Audio conveys the most tactile inner details— virtually down to the fingerprints on a performance. “