HiFi + Issue 92 – SIA-025

SIA-025 Integrated Amplifier – “The Vitus SIA-025 is really about musical connection and emotional involvement and that is quite a compliment for any piece of equipment because those special experiences really are beyond words.”


HiFi World – IT-85 Integrated Amplifier

Five Globes Award

IT-85 Integrated Amplifier – “With a well recorded source, the VTL made me forget that I was listening to a hi-fi system at all.””It is one of the most ‘realistic’ integrated amplifiers on the market I feel and highly recommended.”


Multi Year Award Winner

TAS Group Awards

The Absolute Sound, September 2012 and December 2011 – Ultra SS, Ultra 5, ESS rack – ‘Golden Ear 2012, Editor’s Choice 2012 & 2013, Product of the Year 2011′ – “Frankly I’m a bit chagrined that I’ve been reviewing for 23 years and it took me this long to discover the benefits of no-holds-barred vibration-isolation technology. It’s a new trick that this old dog was pleased to learn.”


Hi-fi News – TL-5.5II Pre- and ST-150

hi-finews Editors Choice

TL-5.5II Pre- and ST-150 Power Amplifiers

“..this is indeed visceral sound. VTL has delivered a package that can segue seamlessly from the sweet harmonies of a doo-wop quintet to the in-your-face slam of power rock. “
“ What matters is the sheer silky naturalness of the sound, matched by the authority one demands of units costing far more. Robust yet refined, well-built – this is pure class.”