Evolution of time and Space

Avalon Acoustics, the world’s premier loudspeaker manufacturer, designs and crafts works of art for astute music lovers who appreciate the subtlety & emotion of a moving musical experience. The listening experience must provide a precise recreation of the original musical event, conveying all of its emotional impact & nuance of detail. Each speaker is itself a union of music and aesthetics attained through uncompromising dedication to the highest quality standards.

The Avalon Acoustics philosophy is simple :
To build the finest loudspeakers possible, without compromise..

Neil Patel, Avalon’s designer & illuminating spirit, has pushed the bounds of design with every model of loudspeaker conceived. When no solution has been conventionally available - new methods, processes & materials have been developed to achieve the musical goal. The artistry of combining all these elements creates the elegant but complex solutions that put the listener at the heart of the musical destination.

Before leaving the factory each of these masterpieces is subjected to a demanding array of quality control & testing procedures to assure flawless & consistent performance. Each speaker is a work of art, Avalon take great pride in designing & building each model in Boulder, Colorado, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

Much more revolution than just evolution…  Avalon Acoustics.

idea450The IDEA represents a synthesis of Avalon’s key aesthetic & sonic ideals into a sleek form. Combining Avalon’s innovative construction & renowned cabinetry, as well as their latest technological innovations in circuit designs, the IDEA will unfold an expansive soundstage in the most modest of listening environments.

Transparency & expansiveness in soundstaging are at the heart of the IDEA’s brief, while never sacrificing or exaggerating immediacy & dynamism. The quiet black backgrounds & crisp articulation that distinguish & set the stage for every Avalon design lie at the foundation of this incredibly musical communicator. Offering vivid dynamics & harmonic textures within a panoramic soundstage - built upon an incredible low frequency foundation that belies the IDEA’s modest cabinet.

Like all Avalon Acoustic products, the IDEA is designed & built in Boulder, Colorado to exacting & meticulous standards.

Driver Compliment: 1" Proprietary Composite Neodymium Tweeter
(2) 7" Nomex Kevlar Composite Cone Woofers
Sensitivity: 88dB @ rated impedance
Impedance: 4 ohms nominal
Frequency Response: 28Hz to 22kHz
Amplifier Power: 50 to 300 Watts
Dimensions: 35.5" H (90 cm) x 9" W (22 cm) x 10" D (25 cm)
Weight: 60 pounds (27 kg) each



Summer 2018 sees the debut in the UK of the PM - Precision Monitor - range from Avalon. The PM1 is the current starting point in the range, and is clearly going to be a hugely successful model. From the unique 'Polychrome' finish cabinet a powerful, natural and articulate performance emanates, removing the constraints of the room boundaries in typical Avalon fashion. The compact size will be a great benefit in many situations, yet this does not compromise dynamic scale or bass extension; this is a speaker that will do justice to many high-end systems.

The PRECISION MONITOR 1 is a high-efficiency floor-standing reference monitor, designed specifically for generating maximum dynamic contrast and effective sound pressure levels from a compact chassis. Ease of driveability through a non-reactive impedance load presents low powered tube or solid-state electronics with an ideal interface for generating maximum SPL per watt of power applied.

Each model in the Precision Monitor line presents exceptional spatial sound-staging, recovering the lowest level hall reverberation detail, the hallmark of true high-resolution monitors. Flat frequency response and phase linear time and transient behavior deliver an accurate rendition of all the crucial elements that go into a recording. Whether for home or studio, our Precision Monitors define the state of the art in high-energy reference transducers.

Driver Complement:
(1) 1inch High-energy phase aligned tweeter
(2) 7 inch Nomex-Kevlar Composite Cone Woofers

Sensitivity:  93 dB

Impedance:  4 Ohms Nominal

Frequency Response:  28Hz to 25kHz

Recommended Amplifier Power:  15 to 200 Watts

Wiring Methods:  Two Position Binding Post

37" (94 cm) High
10" (25 cm) Wide
13" (33 cm) Deep

Weight:  75 pounds (34 kg) each

Transcendent500The TRANSCENDENT represents an integration of proprietary techniques developed over the last decade through Avalon’s award winning ISIS and TIME transducers.

Never before have Avalon created such a compact system that utilizes the most sophisticated dynamic control technologies found exclusively in Avalon’s most advanced designs. Octave to octave energy balance is equivalent throughout the bandwidth envelope and developed without compression while still being critically damped, thus delivering a spatial presentation that is faithful to the recording.

The result is a dynamic speaker system that focuses images palpably within a panoramic soundstage, without sacrificing transparency or low frequency solidity. Most surprising in a transducer of this size is the ability to present realistic dynamic and harmonic contrasts without sacrificing natural musicality.

Devoid of exaggeration or artificial emphasis the presentation, when partnered with appropriate products, retains the bloom and subtlety of a live performance.

Driver Compliment: (1) Concave Ceramic Neodymium Tweeter
(2) 7 inch Nomex-Kevlar Composite Cone Woofers
Sensitivity: 88dB @ rated impedance
Impedance: 4 ohms nominal
Frequency Response: 26Hz to 25kHz
Amplifier Power: 50 to 300 Watts
Dimensions: 41.5" (105 cm) H 10" (25 cm) W 14.5" (37 cm) D)
Weight: 97 pounds (44 kg) each


indra-diamond500The INDRA II represents the culmination of 20 years of research and development in the areas of transient response , bandwidth , noise floor and octave-to-octave energy balance. The result sets a new standard for realistic reproduction of the complete musical event.

Utilizing proprietary crossover technologies & drivers consisting of the lightest & most inert diaphragm materials of Nomex/Kevlar and ceramic. Indra can instantly respond to the most musical passages. Revolutionary crossover damping networks virtually eliminate driver overhang and energy storage. Multiple layering and material usage in their legendary cabinet construction eliminates cabinet resonance allowing for a continuous musical flow like no other loudspeaker in its class.

More than just transparent and dynamic, INDRA II has the groundbreaking ability to recreate a holographic sound-field completely free of the loudspeaker cabinet and room boundaries. With its resistive & non reactive load the INDRA II is both efficient & easily driven and will simply reveal the most subtle nuance and detail of the musical performance in a three-dimensional space.

The Indra can also be ordered as a “Diamond version” this special option includes a Diamond tweeter as well as the additional work required on the crossover. Retaining the trademark Avalon coherence, INDRA II will surprise listeners with its startling dynamic contrast & an astonishingly low noise floor.

Driver Compliment: 1” Concave Ceramic Neodymium Tweeter
3.5” Concave Ceramic Dome Midrange
(2) 7” Nomex-Kevlar Composite Cone woofers
Sensitivity: 88dB @ rated impedance
Impedance: 4 ohms nominal
Frequency Response: 28Hz to 25kHz
Amplifier Power: 50 to 200 Watts
Dimensions: 41”(104cm) H x 10”(26cm) W x 16”(41cm) D
Weight: 112 pounds (50.8 kg) each

Compas500Inspired by the Rhythmic time signature patterns of flamenco music, the COMPÁS illuminates the fundamental structural elements & impulse in all musical genres. Primarily characterized by its dynamic & percussive rhythms, the Compás delivers a disciplined performance with high transient speed & clarity of image definition. This constant Q design generates critically damped driver resonances from octave to octave throughout the audio spectrum. With a Q of 0.5, ringing & transient smearing is eliminated.

Control networks within the Compás crossover are designed specifically to target high resolution & ambience retrieval under high current conditions. At its heart the Compás’s unique ceramic/honeycomb woofers deliver an authoritative low frequency response with unsurpassed transient accuracy, carefully blending with the highs for a “true to source” sound field reproduction. Proprietary low jitter circuitry clarifies the image boundaries to a high-resolution, suitable for professional monitoring, where microphone placement & phasing are critical.

Utilisation of the same diaphragm materials throughout the array adds to the continuity of harmonic structure in a crisp, seamless musical presentation devoid of stored energy; its rock solid imaging presented with a palpable density through accurate & colourful harmonic structures.

The Compas can also be ordered as a “Diamond version” this special option includes a Diamond tweeter and remodelling required for the crossover

Driver Compliment: 1” Concave Ceramic neodymium tweeter
4” Concave Ceramic Midrange
9” Ceramic/Honeycomb Woofers
Sensitivity: 91dB @ rated impedance
Impedance: 4 ohms nominal
Frequency Response: 27Hz to 24kHz
Amplifier Power: 30 to 750 Watts
Dimensions: 45” (114cm) H 11” (28cm) W 17” (43cm) D
Weight: 160 pounds (72kg) each


time500A culmination of years of research into spatial transparency has produced a design that is devoted to pure holistic precision, carefully balancing all empirical criteria without false exaggeration or gimmick. The result is a shockingly natural sounding speaker with rich tonal colours, thundering dynamic contrasts that remain in a precise locked focus – enabling the TIME to naturally capture the spatial context of any recording.

Exhibiting all the Avalon qualities of incredibly low noise floor, partnered to a vanishingly low distortion, the TIME produces an uncompressed sound field free from listener fatigue.

This TIME machine has the ability to transport you through time & space to the venue of your choosing, simply by changing your choice of music.

Driver Compliment: 1” Concave Diamond neodymium tweeter
3.5” Concave Ceramic Midrange
2 x 11” Kevlar composite Woofers
Sensitivity: 89dB @ rated impedance
Impedance: 4 ohms nominal
Frequency Response: 20Hz to 50kHz
Amplifier Power: 30 to 750 Watts
Dimensions: 46” (117cm) H 12” (30cm) W 19” (48cm) D
Weight: 165 pounds (75kg) each

isis500How do you describe the indescribable? Surpassing all previous design conventions, ISIS represents the ultimate achievement in pinpoint accuracy from a full range high-energy transducer. Audio terms become almost meaningless in this award winning design that has already been recognized by the critics as “Revolutionary”, no other transducer is as complete in communicating the entire visceral and emotional impact of the musical event.

ISIS is the first full range loudspeaker in history to utilize proprietary neodymium magnetic technologies in all drive units, coupled to inert diaphragm materials of Nomex/Kevlar, Ceramic throughout with custom- smelted precious metal conductors. Multiple layering and material usage in there legendary cabinet construction eliminates the characteristic sonic signature of any “ single material” design.

Requiring only one wiring connection from a stereo or mono amplifier, the ISIS arrives fully assembled & tuned for optimum performance. Easily set up, this high efficiency transducer can be driven to thunderous crescendos with high quality solid state or tube output amplifiers.

A revolution in technology is only part of the magic. The proof is in the artistry of combining all of these elements into an elegant yet complex system that puts you in charge of your musical destination. ISIS will transport you to the recording studio or live performance of your choice, to a personal connection with the essence of music - where Time and Space become One.

Driver Compliment: 1” Concave Diamond neodymium tweeter
7” Concave Ceramic Midrange
2 x 13” Nomex-Kevlar Composite Woofers
Sensitivity: 90dB @ rated impedance
Impedance: 4 ohms nominal (3.6 ohms minimum)
Frequency Response: 20Hz to 45Khz (+/- 1.5 dB, anechoic)
Amplifier Power: 75 to 750 Watts
Dimensions: 60” (154cm) H 14.5” (36.8cm) W 17” (43cm) D 
Weight: 210 pounds (95.5 Kgs) each


TESSERACT represents the culmination of over 25 years of research into the subtleties of musical waveforms and the psychoacoustic perception of sounds in space. Our research into physical forms and how they react with ambient musical information has led us to two essential innovative concepts. First, it is possible to make a large full range system fully disappear sonically. Second, it is possible to create 3-dimensional images within a soundstage using conventional stereo recordings.

Our Stealth Technology, the redirecting and diffusion of ambient room energy, makes the disappearing act possible. The use of tensor field mathematics, assigning a value and direction to expanding harmonic waves, along with enormous amounts of number crunching, has given us the ability to make reliable predictions regarding which physical forms will best disappear in space. Making an array which is over 7 feet tall disappear is quite a feat of practical mathematical prediction and actual form fabrication.

Sonic Holography is accomplished through meticulousness in recovery and preservation of low level signal information which is encoded into any well made recording. Whenever a microphone is open it is collecting phase and spatial information which is rarely fully decoded by a playback system. This fragile information may be destroyed at many stages of the recording/playback process. Our goal is to preserve as much of the truth that inhabits each recording without putting our own fingerprints on the final presentation.

Most importantly, we never apply technique without considering the effect it will have on the emotional content of the presentation. For us technique is always in service to the music. There must be an aesthetic or emotional result for each intellectual or technical choice we make, one that speaks to our souls.



Avalon LCRThe LCR, originally conceived simply as a dedicated centre channel, has evolved into the most stunning sonic performer & the most versatile Avalon loudspeaker ever! Regardless of the number of channels required the LCR’s unparalleled polar response will smoothly combine into a seamless presentation. The LCR has a one of a kind crossover design, specifically targeting resolution & ambience retrieval under high current conditions, which extracts the maximum performance from Avalons most unique cabinet to date. Also the all-new & totally unique woofers utilised in the LCR, deliver an incredible authority in the low frequencies, which then blend beautifully with the rest of the speaker, creating an exceptional “true to source” sound reproduction.

The LCR comes in two distinctly different versions: one with the same ceramic tweeter found in the INDRA & TRANSCENDENT speakers & the other utilizing the exceptional diamond tweeter found in both the TIME & ISIS. Depending on your listening preference, in stereo or multi-channel applications, the LCR will match seamlessly with other Avalon speakers, even in the most demanding installations.

As a stereo speaker the LCR has a unique unembellished characteristic that sounds truly faithful to the source, without extraneous colouration. These qualities are also present in any multi channel application, be that music or the latest most visceral experience through the Blue-Ray or DVD Home Cinema medium. As is customary with Avalon speakers, there is a variety of exceptional wood finishes available, making the addition of a channel to an existing Avalon set-up, or the creation of a completely new system, an easy aesthetic choice

Driver Compliment: (1) Proprietary Composite Neodymium Tweeter
(2) 7 inch Nomex-Kevlar Composite Cone Woofers
Sensitivity: 88dB @ rated impedance
Impedance: 4 ohms nominal
Frequency Response: 28Hz to 22kHz
Amplifier Power: 50 to 300 Watts
Dimensions: 35.5" (90 cm) H 8.6" (22 cm) W 10" (25 cm) D 
Weight: 70 pounds (32kg) each

Avalon Mixing MonitorDesigned and formerly available exclusively to the professional recording industry, Avalon has recently made this unique speaker available throughout the worlds domestic Avalon dealer network. For the listener who demands to hear the type of metallurgic composition of the cymbals or the age of a violins strings, the Mixing Monitor is unmatched. The Mixing Monitor's razor sharp detail, clad in a modest cabinet finish, has presented a cost no object solution for recording engineers for many years. This tantalizing object can now sit in the homes of music lovers seeking that same universal musical insight, with the new benefit of a handsome satin finish fit to grace any domestic space.

What a scalpel is to a surgeon, this speaker is for the professional audio engineer…and now you. Knowing how to use the tool is as important as the precision of the tool itself, but ultimately the latter is much easier to master than trying to do the job with the wrong tool. Avalon Professional Products have spent significant time & effort, together with sound engineers, to produce a product that cuts to the real heart of the music - if the who, what, where, & how are important to you, then this is the speaker for you!

Driver Compliment: 1" Concave Ceramic Dome
7" Nomex Kevlar Composite Cone Woofer
Sensitivity: 87dB @ rated impedance (2.83 V , 1 meter)
Impedance: 6 Ohms nominal (5.5 minimum)
Frequency Response: 40Hz to 24kHz (+/- 1.5 dB, Anechoic)
Amplifier Power: 15 to 150 Watts
Dimensions: 18" H x 8.5" W x 10.5" D
Weight: 31 pounds each


All products designed by Neil Patel for Avalon Acoustics.