Allen Perkins chooses Kog Audio

Allen Perkins chooses Kog Audio to represent his extraordinary analogue creations. The SG Turntables & the inspired Centroid Arm are welcome bedfellows in the Kog Audio portfolio. Possessing an under stated presence with a sophisticated totally design led simplicity, makes the high end rabble of bigger, bolder more complicated offerings seem unnecessary…your first listen to one of Allen’s creations will leave you in no doubt about what is and is not important in making a turntable perform… its seemingly rather a simple act!

Stereophile’s product of the year…again! The SG 1.1 & Centroid arm, pick up Michael Fremer’s un-adulterated praise. With statements like “ it seems like a bargain, even at $31,000 “ as well as the description of the packages pureness of purpose… “The engineering brilliance, machining excellence, build quality, remarkable compactness, ease of setup and use, and engaging sound make the SG1.1 turntable and Centroid tone arm landmark products.